Via our iDirect platform, we can provide high speed VSAT broadband capabilities anywhere, and in any environment.

The Satellite Broadband Service and Maritime VSAT services are based on our iDirect hub at our Teleport in The Netherlands which is directly connected via fiber to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange and Tier-1 Internet providers ensuring the best possible Internet connection. Through this platform via provide broadband Internet and Voice-over-IP connectivity to vessels, businesses, governments and NGO's requiring a premium service for reliable, secure two-way IP communication. Both on C-band and Ku-band satellites.

Single sites and closed customer networks

Via our iDirect platform we bprovide both services for a single location or vessel as well as closed customer networks consisting of multiple locations which can optionally be clustered in a Group Bandwidth service. The Group Bandwidth service is a pool of bandwidth which can be shared by all customer sites, meaning that if one site is not using the bandwidth - this bandwidth comes automatically available for other customer sites. This is an ideal solution for customers with sites in different time zones or for example for a customer who has a production location and a location for staff whereby the production location uses bandwidth during business hours and staff can use the bandwidth after business hours.

iDirect service features:

  • Highly reliable two-way IP connectivity with guaranteed contention ratios
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Critical applications (data, voice and video) are supported through the use of quality of service (QoS), customers determine QoS per application;
  • Ideal for building reliable high availability Virtual Private Networks (IP-VPNs)
  • Our conservative link-budgets assure our customers that the link up-time is minimal 99.5%
  • Satellite hub station is in fully redundant configuration assuring 99.95% up-time
  • A small equipment footprint with low power requirements for customer sites
  • 24/7 network availability and support

All our VSAT services based on iDirect come with customer online monitoring assuring we provide a transparent service with true value-for-money pricing.

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