Benefit from the additional products that work seamlessly with your VSAT service enhancing user experience significantly:

Telephony over VSAT

Telephony over VSAT is a calling service optimized to work with Castor's network. It offers business grade voice call quality with the benefits of low costs per call. When a call is set-up, we allocate dedicated bandwidth, optimized for our Telephone services, ensuring high quality and clear calls.

Smart Internet

Smart Internet is a service that helps customers to optimize the performance and costs of utilizing Castor VSAT services. It significantly improves user experience without upgrading your bandwidth and therefore helps to reduce your on-going monthly operating costs.

IPTV and Audio

IPTV and Audio enhances the comfort of workers and or passengers, with Castor you have a huge variety of IPTV channels to choose from. Once you have made a selection we send it directly to you via our Teleport using a sophisticated encoding platform.


With our SatPhones you are always in touch. We provide global coverage so that you can make and receive calls and text messages no matter where, and if you choose the sleeve for smartphones you can use your favorite social media apps. With our wide selection you can find a model that fits your needs.

Track and Trace

Even when you’re out of range, you still have a lifeline with satellite tracking. Activate the SOS button for immediate response from search and rescue teams, you can use a two-way text and voice to keep your rescuers informed of your immediate situation and know their ETA.

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