VSAT Services

Our Broadband VSAT solutions deliver broadband capabilities anywhere, and in any environment and can be used for a wide range of applications.

What makes us unique in this industry is that we have full control over the whole value chain required to deliver the service to our customers and therefore can truly guarantee Service Level Agreements. We own and operate the antennas in the Teleport and the platforms required for the service on the hub side and install and locally support the required hardware and systems on the customer location.

Our service comes with an online monitoring tool and trouble ticketing system allowing the customers to view both historical and actual performance of the service and efficiently follow trouble tickets in case of service issues.

Our Broadband VSAT service is based on various technologies and platforms and our sales department will advise on the most cost effective technology for your requirements. We support the following technologies:

  • iDirect VSAT: offers both shared and dedicated broadband Internet and Voice-over-IP connectivity services for businesses, governments and NGO's requiring a premium service for reliable, secure two-way IP communication
  • SCPC: a dedicated bandwidth point-to-point service based on Comtech or Romantis modems
  • Meshed VSAT: seamless and hubless, -single hop- connections between multiple customer sites to meet real-time application requirements between multiple customer sites

24x7 Monitoring, Control and Support
Castor Networks provides 24x7 support for all its services and monitors all hardware elements, the satellite carrier as well as any software based elements within the end-to-end solution being offered to the customer. Customers can login online into our in-house developed monitoring and trouble ticketing systems.

For more information concerning Castor Networks VSAT services please contact us.

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