Effective Satellite communications solutions for Oil and Gas

Castor Networks provides reliable satellite communications options for oil and gas operations, anywhere in the world. Our solutions are easily scalable to fit the current business cycle and support companies specialized in each phase from exploration, through to extraction and transport.

Our satellite communications solutions for voice and data help improve communications and operations resulting in cost savings, faster results and improved safety. Regardless of your location, we can provide solutions for your voice and data satellite communications including:

  • Reliable, durable and capable communications for Remote mine sites allowing a mine site to have the same reliable, high performance access to business applications as the corporate HQ.
  • Flexible and mobile satellite communication solutions allowing Exploration Teams to transmit test data in real time such as Inmarsat BGAN and temporary VSAT services.
  • Satellite WAN back-up for reducing downtime at mining sites as a result of fiber outages because of power outages and fiber cuts.
  • Maintaining staff morale by providing High Speed Internet for Welfare Networks.

From Exploration to Production

With the quick pace in the Oil and Gas industries crucial decisions are being made in an instant, having the correct and most up to date information is of paramount importance. Castor Networks offers an end-to-end solution.

Our integrated solutions are designed to support mission critical systems, as well as a complete relay of information and data connectivity. Ensuring that the information required is where it has to be at the right time. With this in mind we focus on offering companies a solution, where our service structure is robust, yet flexible and scalable, allowing for prompt change as a need arises.

Contractors, operators and service companies rely on Castor Networks VSAT solutions to facilitate real-time applications by linking offshore rigs, production platforms and remote offices to headquarters and datacenters in a cost effective manner. With extended coverage and speeds up to 60Mbps Download and 10Mbps Upload, our VSAT services not only support primary business processes but also provides high-quality phone and broadband Internet services for crew members.

Castor Networks VSAT solutions are backed by strong 24/7 NOC support, on-site installation and support capabilities. All our services are set-up with precision enabling us to ensure high availability and reliability. We provide clear Service Level Guarantees to our Customers, a transparent trouble shooting process and an online trouble ticketing system. VSAT licensing can be facilitated in most countries through our regulatory assessment service and trough our local licensed service partners.

Finally, contractors, operators and service companies with multiple sites can benefit from Group Bandwidth services to support multiple sites and allocate/share bandwidth efficiently between sites.

Single Site or Private Network

We offer solutions that are the perfect choice for a single location, or a private IP network. The private network allows for a sharing of VSAT resources and data transmission with more ease. Supporting critical systems and relying real-time data with accuracy.

Welfare Network

Indifferent of the current business cycle, the Welfare of Staff is vital for the functioning of machinery and the success of daily operations. With Castor Networks, we provide a range of services to care for the workforce.

  • Sat TV which offers a large variety of channels to be cherry picked from.
  • High-speed internet connection for private use, such as social media, or skype.
  • Telephone services

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Cost effective, with extended coverage.
Critical applications (data, voice and video) are supported through the use of quality of service (QoS).
Compliance with Health and Safety requirements.
High-speed internet access, with either a dedicated or shared connection.
Robust, yet flexible and scalable service structures, allowing for changes as needed.
Extensive 24/7 support, with professionals who are in the business for over 20 years.
Logical and comprehensive Service Level Agreement.
Smart Satellite Internet system which allows for faster data transfer.
Extensive communication structure, enabling reliable end-to-end information relying.

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