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Castor Networks knows that NGO’s do most of their work mainly in remote areas. That is why we provide an end-to-end solution which allows your organization to focus on what is really important. We offer critical systems support via our reliable satellite services, which includes data and broadband connection by using portable and easy to set up systems.

  • Maintaining staff morale by providing High Speed Internet for Welfare Networks.
  • Reliable, durable and capable communications which provides your organization with the high performance required to access all critical and operational applications.
  • Flexible and mobile satellite communication solutions allowing data in real time such as Inmarsat BGAN and temporary VSAT services.
  • We provide Satellite WAN back-up which reduces the overall downtime caused by power outages and fiber cuts.

Castor Networks VSAT solutions are backed by strong 24/7 NOC support, on-site installation and support capabilities. All our services are set-up with precision enabling us to ensure high availability and reliability. We provide clear Service Level Guarantees to our Customers. VSAT licensing can be facilitated in most countries through our regulatory assessment service and trough our local licensed service partners.

We offer solutions that are the perfect choice for a single location, or a private IP network. The private network allows for a sharing of VSAT resources and data transmission with more ease. Supporting critical systems and relying real-time data with accuracy.



Monitoring systems that gives customers a full overview.
We offer VOIP landlines with low competitive prices.
Portable and mobile system which is easy to set-up.
Broadband internet connectivity.
Our systems are WiFi enabled and have an always connected policy.
Secure networks with 24/7 support and assistance done by professionals with over 20 years.
The ability to track and trace vital mobile operations.

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