Uplink services

Using a variety of antennas from 3.7m to 18m in size, Castor Networks offers up- and downlink services allowing customers to use our strategically located Teleport facilities, terrestrial backbone network, fiber based Internet connectivity with the Amsterdam Internet Exchange and support services without the required investments and costs to set-up and maintain such an infrastructure.

We provide uplink service of TV bouquets for Direct-to-Home distribution via satellite and Broadcasters use Uplink and Turnaround services to transmit programming to a satellite, from which the programming is distributed either to a professional head-end (cable head-end, FM transmitter, satellite television facility).

The unique geographical location of our two Teleports in The Netherlands combined with excellent fiber connectivity and access to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, the largest Internet Hub outside the USA, allows us to transmit via satellite directly to the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Optionally we provide encoding and multiplexing services as well as collocation services in our datacenters at our Teleports to host customer owned equipment with remote hands support.

Castor Networks provides up and downlink services on the following satellites:


  • Eutelsat 7B at 7°E, 3.7m
  • Eutelsat E10A at 10°E, 5.5m
  • Eutelsat 16A at 16°E, 6.2m
  • Gazprom - Yamal-402 at 55°E, 9.0m
  • RSCC - Express AM-44 at 11°W, 4.6m
  • RSCC - Express AM6 at 14°W, 3.7m (planned)
  • RSCC - Express AM8 at 40°E, 3.7m (planned)
  • SES - NSS-12 at 57°E, 9m
  • SES - NSS-7 at 22°W, 4.6m
  • SES - SES6 at 40.5°W, 3.7m
  • Telesat - Telstar 11N at 37.55°W, 3.7m
  • Telesat - Telstar 12 at 15°W, 9.0m
  • Free-to-deploy: 9.0m antenna (12.75-14.5 and 17.30-18.4), 5.5 and 3.7m antennas- contact us if you have an interesting opportunity!


  • RSCC - Express AM6 at 53°E, 9.2m)
  • Arabsat- 5c at 20°E at 57°E, 16.4m
  • Free to deploy: 9.2m C-band antenna

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require an uplink service on a satellite that is not listed above, as we have unallocated antennas which can be deployed on new satellites.

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