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Castor Networks is a leading Dutch provider of Teleport, Broadcasting and Occasional Use services for the Broadcasting industry with a long standing track record in this market.

All services are backed by solid SLA's with high availability guarantees. To achieve such high availability and reliability, all services are set-up fully redundant in The Netherlands with ready to be deployed spares.

Our reliable broadcasting services include Audio/Video transmission services via satellite, uplinking of TV bouquets and Occasional Use services.

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End-to-end Audio and Video transmission services via satellite

Teleport Hilversum

Castor Broadcasting is an innovative provider of comprehensive transmission services to the global broadcasting industry. As an owner-operator of two teleports and a leased fiber network we provide end-to-end distribution, uplink, downlink and turnaround services including encryption, encoding, and other services.

End-to-end Audio and Video transmission services transmit programming from/to a studio to/from a professional head-end which can be a cable head-end, FM transmitter, studio or Direct-to-home bouquet operator and vice versa using satellite, fiber or a hybrid solution. Castor supports and monitors all elements of the service around the clock from the encoder(s) up to the decoder(s). We both provide terrestrial connectivity solutions to connect to a studio as well as On Premises Ground facilities which consist of a fully managed private up/downlink antenna on the studio.

The Hilversum Teleport is directly connected via fiber to the Media Gateway in Hilversum in the Netherlands and can provide its customers with direct fiber connectivity to virtually all of the key European broadcasters.

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