Castor Networks South Sudan Ltd

  • Address: Tongping, Kololo Road, 300m down from US Embassy, Juba, Republic of South Sudan
  • Office line: +211951005870
  • Sales line: +211955581546
  • Technical support lines: +211951939700, +211929060000
  • NOC support lines: +3188646012 (Netherlands)
  • Email:

To provide professional local support and sales representatives in-country, Castor Networks opened in 2014 offices in Juba to support its growing customer base in South Sudan and is now one of the leading Internet Service providers in the country.

A team of 16 professionals in Juba are ready to install and support services for our customers in South Sudan and we also hold a large stock of antenna equipment for quick deployment and fast repair purposes.


South Sudan is the youngest country in the world. Ever since its proclamation of independence in 2011, it has been developing rapidly. Castor Networks is very keen on facilitating connectivity for companies to operate faster and more efficient, also help NGO’s with their missions in South Sudan.

In South Sudan we offer a full range of VSAT services, Mobile Satellite Services and Satellite Phones to serve demands throughout the whole Republic, including:

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